ASAP Waterproofing Services are the Best You Can Find

Do you have a wet basement? The easiest way to know is to examine the point where the floor and the wall meet. If there is wetness, it is a sign that water has began to penetrate your foundation. Water soaking problem can cause an expensive damage to the foundation. If nothing is done, the problem could affect other surfaces. That’s why you need water proofing services by ASAP. This is a big company that was launched by Michael Reiners in 1988. It is located in Kingsford, Sydney, and boasts well trained, licensed and friendly technicians.

About ASAP services?

Besides running for close to three decades, ASAP has a wealth of knowledge about the best waterproofing products. It strives to do away with products that might have dangerous solvents every year. ASAP’s products are designed to suit any sort of project. It sources its products from the top-rated brands in the industry: Sika, Tamsi Industries, Ardex and Danosa among others. Another reason why you need this company is because it specializes in various waterproofing areas.

These include bathrooms, retaining walls, basements, swimming pools, ponds, concrete and tile surfaces, planter boxes, detention tanks, balconies and a lot more. This gives you the freedom to select the exact service you require. If you are a construction company, small-scale builder, home owner, commercial building owner or any other related entity; you can use water proofing services by ASAP.

Trained specialists are available

ASAP has stayed strong in business for all these years because of recruiting reliable waterproofing professionals. Each technician is fully trained to work on any waterproofing project. ASAP’S big team of competent workers have ample experience working with the top quality products it uses. You can depend on its workforce to eliminate a water seeping problem regardless of the cause. After the project, the specialists will offer you warranties that are backed by manufacturers.

Big and small projects are okay

ASAP enjoys a wider service scope. If you have a huge project, the company can provide the assistance you require.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a home construction or commercial building project. ASAP is fully equipped and ready to serve you.

Premium quality waterproofing systems

Liquid sheet membrane is one of the chief systems used by ASAP. This membrane comes in a wide range of options: Gripset liquid sheets, fiberglass reinforced polymer, modified bitumen sheet membrane and others. Durability is guaranteed because the sheets are multi-layered. Since they are also seamless, there are no overlaps, joints or other risky welded points.

ASAP’s waterproofing systems are designed to withstand exposure to the sun’s UV rays, foot traffic, harsh climate elements and other sources of pressure. Sheet membrane is another material used during waterproofing work. It entails use of different types of liquid membranes. Some are rubber membranes and so they are used to waterproof showers, terraces, roofs, patios, concrete slabs, and tiled surfaces and so on. A flexible elastomeric liquid membrane is used to waterproof exposed surfaces outdoors.

Getting rid of water leakage

ASAP’s crack injection service is the one you need to eliminate water leakage. As you might know, water seepage happens through concrete cracks and joints and masonry cracks. To close these cracks, the service provider uses polyurethane injection resins. A number of these resins are low viscosity, quick-reacting sealing agents. Others are flexible and semi-flexible polyurethane leak sealants.  Acrylic leak sealing resins are low-viscosity injection resins that are applied along the concrete cracks and joints.  All sealing agents are anti-corrosive, meaning that they protect steel components from corrosion.

If you have a waterproofing project of any size, select water proofing services by ASAP today. Ensure that you get in touch with the customer service to ask about the rates, products and services.