Ten Tips to Grow Healthy Trees to Earn More Value

Everyone knows that trees have an important role to play in landscaping and nature. Proper care and attention can give a healthy life to trees. How to learn about proper management of trees? Well, it would not be difficult if you know about Centaur Tree Services. Our services are among the top rated tree surgeon facilities in Oxford. We have created a list of ten recommendations for the clients using our services.

Ask questions : – Yes, you must ask questions about the plants and trees whenever you meet with our tree surgeons. Whether you plant trees at home, office or at the farm, it is important to have knowledge about its nature, growth period and infections.

Be careful : – It is important to be careful when planting the trees. It sounds easy but it is a technical task. It is recommended to check sowing season, soil type, water quality and requirements, fertilization and grafting. Our experts will deal with all these matters in order to give health trees all around.

Fencing is necessary : – Yes, there is a need to create a wall or fence around the planting area. It protects the plants from herbivores and others. It is not necessary to create a wall of bricks if you can’t afford. Just bring the iron wire to create a fence.

Pruning needs intention : – Hire our tree surgeons in order to prune the trees properly. Pruning is one of the most significant approaches to health and growth of trees. We will give you a chance to check certified arborists in Oxford to perform these important jobs.

Fertilization and irrigation : – Trees need water and fertilizer to grow. These things are just like food for trees. It would be better to contact us to learn more about the requirements of tree. It is also essential find right season for fertilization and timing for watering.

Take actions against infections : – Never ignore the infections because these may kill the trees. Immediately call Centaur Tree Services and we will send the expert arborists to apply tree medicines. These applications are compulsory to save the tree life.

Mulching is essential : – This is related to soil and organic matter conservation. Organic matter provides more growth to roots which support trees to grow and stand without any weakness. Mulching also creates a favorable environment for the worms, nematodes and bacteria to enrich soils.

Use efficient irrigation system : – Be careful about the irrigation if you have sandy soils. These soils absorb more water quickly that’s why trees may face drought. It is recommended to utilize high-efficiency irrigation systems such as drip line to save water while fulfilling requirements of plants.

Inspect trees regularly : – It is strongly recommended to visit the planting area most often. It allows the arborists and growers to check the growth and health of trees. We take full responsibility for tree inspection in order to satisfy the customers.

Hire Centaur Tree Services : – Always call us immediately in case of any emergency. Whether it is about infection, pest attack or stunted growth, we will solve the issues according to your expectations.