About Us

Class Size Counts is a statewide, community-based organization that sponsored Initiative 1351 to alleviate overcrowded classrooms across our state. If you're interested in good, but cheap writing, don't hesitate to leave a reqyest for good materials at https://essaysprofessors.com/cheap-article-writing-service.html.

More than 10,000 individual volunteers circulated petitions to qualify I-1351, the Lower Class Sizes for a Quality Education Act, for the November 2014 ballot.

Even before I-1351 had officially qualified for the ballot, the measure won endorsements of other state and local organizations. These include:

Bellevue School Board

Central Puget Sound Carpenters, Local 30

Fuse Washington

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Local 751

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

National Education Association

Public School Employees/ SEIU 1948

SEIU Washington State Council

Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA)

Tacoma Council PTA

The Stranger

Walla Walla School Board

A. Philip Randolph Institute, Seattle Chapter

Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans

Washington Community Action Network

Washington Education Association

Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council

Washington State Labor Council

Individual leaders in Class Size Counts include the following: (Please note, listing of affiliation of individual supporters does not indicate or imply organizational endorsements.)

Randy Dorn, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jeff Charbonneau, science teacher, Zillah, 2013 National Teacher of the Year.
MJ Bolt, Central Valley School Board
Steven Webb, Superintendent, Vancouver School District
Linda Dietzman, Camas City Council 
Jean Shumate, Superintendent, Stanwood-Camano Island School District
Annie Gamberdella, President, Bremerton PTA Council
Kim Lisk, Carnation City Council
Steve Gaub, Superintendent, Wilbur School District
Rose Clark, Burien City Council
David Perez, Schools First Board
Ray Houler, Assistant Superintendent, Marysville School District
Tim Mills, Superintendent, Bellevue School District
Nancy Braunz, Co-President, Crownhill PTA
Joe Ingoglia, Chief Executive Officer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County
De’Sean Quinn, Tukwilla City Council
Darren Campbell, President, Tacoma PTA Council

Ruth Medsker, Principal, West Seattle High School
Becky Berg, Superintendent, Marysville School District
Carol Gregroy, Federal Way School Board
Hannah Stone, President, Sunnyland PTA
Mick Miller, Former Superintendent, Walla Walla Schools
Meg Metzger, President, Sehome High School PTA
Lyn Porterfield, Schools First Board
Ken Hoover, Superintendent, Monroe School District
Craig Baughsmith, President, Peter Kirk PTSA
Chuck Hafner, Spokane Valley City Council
Amy Brown, President, Ford Middle School PTA
Dennis Weber, Cowlitz County Commission, Former Mayor, Longview
Estela Ortega, Executive Director, El Centro de la Raza
Samantha Osburn, President, Horizon PTA
George Orr, Former State Representative
Shelly Redinger, Superintendent, Spokane Public Schools
Toni Lodge, Director, NATIVE Project
Greg Schwab, Principal, Mountlake Terrace High School, Edmonds School District
Thomas Trexel, Principal, Martha Lake , Edmonds School District
Dan Falk, Assistant Principal, Mountlake Terrace High School, Edmonds School District
D.L. Alexander, Principal, Brier Terrace Middle School , Edmonds School District
Brian Stewart, Assistant Principal, Alderwood Middle , Edmonds School District
Erin Murphy, Principal, Alderwood Middle School , Edmonds School District
Gary Keeler, Principal, Northshore School District
David Golden, Principal, Lynnwood High School
Michael Piper, Asst Principal, Edmonds School District
Paula Seaman, Principal, Hillcrest Elementary, Oak Harbor School District
Holly Urness, Assoc. Principal, Kamiakin Middle School
Jeff DeGallier, Principal, John Muir Elementary 
David Peiffer, Principal, South Whidbey Academy
James Spray, Principal, Audubon Elementary School
Karen Barker, Principal, Lake Washington School District
Tiffany Golden, Middle School Principal, Castle Rock School District 
Craig Church, Principal, Snohomish School District
Scott Summers, Assistant Principal, Valley View Middle , Snohomish School District
Lance  Peters, Assistant Principal, Glacier Peak High School, Snohomish School District
Tammy Jones, Principal, Riverview Elementary, Snohomish School District
Anne Tompkins, Assistant Principal, Snohomish High School, Snohomish School District
Beth Porter, Principal, Snohomish High School, Snohomish School District
Amanda Cote, Asst. Principal, Centennial Middle School, Snohomish School District
Mark Albertine, AD, Snohomish School District
Jeff Cravy, South Whidbey Elementary
Shannon Hasiak, Principal, Snohomish School District
Nancy Rhoades, Principal, Valley View Middle School , Snohomish School District
Heidi Rothgeb, Principal, Central Primary Center, Snohomish School District
Tessa O'Connor, Principal, Cascade View Elementary, Snohomish School District
Shawn Ryan, Principal, Machias Elementary, Snohomish School District
Dave Sage, Principal, Snohomish School District
Angela Delgado, Principal, Marysville School District
Deann Anguiano, Co-Principal, Marysville-Pilchuck High School
Lori Stolee, Asst. Principal, Marysville School District
Rob Lowry, Principal, Marysville School District
Sharon Anderson, Principal, Marysville School District
Dave Rose, Principal, Marysville School District
Scott Siffermin, Assist  Vice Principal, Sultan School District
Tami  Nesting, Principal, Sultan School District
Cheryl Boze, Principal, Odyssey Elementary 
Brenda Fuglevand, Principal, Everett Public Schools
Janet Gillingham, Principal, Everett Public Schools
Edmund Wong, Principal, Discovery Elementary School
Jenni Maughan-McDonald, Principal, HS3 High School
Norma Barrineau, Principal, Arts and Academics Academy High School
Julie Hunter, Principal, Mount Rainier High School
Christina Larsen, Principal, Seahurst Elementary
Deborah Rumbaugh, Principal, Pacific Middle School
Sharon Schmitt, Asst Principal, Mount Rainier High School
Paul  Records, Asst Principal, Mount Rainier High School
Sarah Talbot, Principal, Laurelhurst Elementary, Seattle Public Schools
Chris Scott, Principal, TOPS K-8, Seattle Public Schools
Sandra Powell, Principal, Olympic View , Seattle Public Schools
Douglas Ouelette, Principal, Wedgwood Elementary
Douglas Campbell, Principal , Kennewick School District
Paul Chartrand, Principal, White Bluffs Elementary
Meghan Anderson, Principal, Longfellow Elementary School
Patrick Lenihan, Asst Principal, Spokane Public Schools
Troy Hewett, Principal, Cheney High School
Vince Songaylo, Principal, Chenery School District
Buck Marsh, Principal, Colfax High School
Connie Holman, Principal, Brookdale Elementary, Franklin Pierce Schools District
Karl Hoseth, Assistant Principal, Franklin Pierce High School , Franklin Pierce Schools District
Carrie Adrian, Principal, Elmhurst Elementary, Franklin Pierce Schools District
Montlake Terrace High School PTA, Edmonds School District
Heather Renner, Principal, Franklin Pierce Schools District
Neil O'Brien, Asst Principal, Franklin Pierce Schools District
John Welch, Principal, Naval Ave Early Learning Center
Korene Calderwood, Principal, View Ridge Elementary School
Teneka Morley-Shirt, Principal, Crownhill School
Brian Maley, Principal, Winlock School District
Heather Alubery, Principal, Balboa Elementary
Jeff Lofgren, Principal, Cederhome Elementary School
Tod Klundt, Principal, SMS
Colleen Kellere, Principal, Utsalady Elementary School
Peter Donaldson, Principal, Anacortes SD #103
Brier Elementary PTA, Edmonds School District
Janae Hodge, Principal, Alderwood Elementary
Julie Batten, Principal, BSD
Trina Hall, Principal, Sunnyland Elementary
Thomas Gresham, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary
Karen Tolliver, Principal, Bellingham School District
Keith Schacht, Principal, SQHS 
Larry Walsh, Principal, Coupville MS/HS
Kim Bilanko, Principal, Lake Washington School District
Monica Garcia, Principal, Peter Kirk Elementary
Kristin Dewitte, Principal, Quilceda-Tulalip Elementary
Matt Whitten, Principal , Bellingham School District
Sarah Foreman, President, Stanwood Middle School PTO
Rand Wilhelmsen, Peninsula School Board
Greg Baker, Superintendent, Bellingham School District
Shanai Cole, Odyssey Elementary PTA
Ben Stuckart, President, Spokane City Council
Shelley Guthrie, Co-President, Wilder PTSA
Gary Plano, Superintendent, Mercer Island Schools
Deborah McCarson, Principal, Kirkland Middle School
Chas Miller, Principal, Ardmore Elementary School, Bellevue
Doug Johnson, Principal, Moutlake Terrace Elementary
Chris Fulford, Principal, Lynndale Elementtary, Lynnwood
Mary McGregor, Assistant Principal, Terrace Park Elementary, Edmonds
Mary Ann Kautzky, Principal, Cottonwood Elementary, Kennewick
Van Cummings, Principal, Kennewick High School
Diana Burns, Principa, Horse Haven Hills Middle School, Kennewick 
Bill Mester, Superintendent, Snohomish School District
Marko Liias, State Senator
James Rosenfeld, Director, Educ. Law Programs, Seattle University School of Law
Dick Cvitanich, Superintendent, Olympia School District
Kris Sather, Co-President, John Muir Elementary PTSA
Pat Braman, Mercer Island School Board
Michelle Reid, Superintendent, South Kitsap School District
Jennifer Mahan, Co-President, Robert Frost PTSA
Tamsyn Carter, Co-President, Robert Frost PTSA
John Stokes, Bellevue City Council
Shannon Walker, President, Southwest Washington Central Labor Council
Shayna Begum, President, Rosa Parks Elementary, PTSA
Raj Manhas, Superintendent, North Thurston School District
Rachel Boettcher, Co-President, Stanwood Elementary School PTO
Karen Koshack, Former Superintendent, Granite Falls School District
Mike Dalesandro, Battle Ground City Council
John Roskelley, Former Spokane County Commissioner, mountaineer and NW author
Tim Hattenburg, Chair, Spokane County Library District
Joe Davalos, Superintendent, Suquamish Schools
Jean Shumante, Superintendent, Stanwood-Camano School District
Meadowdale Elementary Parent Club, Lynnwood
Jim Shank, Superintendent, Coupeville School District
Joe Moccia, Superintendent, South Whidbey School District
Aaron Leavell, Superintendent, Bremerton School District
Suzy Kontos, Principal, Kent School District
Mary Cronin, Principal, Rachel Carson Elementary
Karen Belshaw, Principal, Lake Washington School District
Jamie Warner, Principal, Lake Washington School District
Lance Peters, Assistant Principal, Snohomish School District
Tami Nesting, Principal, Sultan School District
Susan Hegeberg, Principal, Marysville School District
Paul Records, Assistant Principal, Mount Rainier High School
Marilyn Loveness, Principal, West Woodland School
Lynndale Elementary PTA, Lynwood
Brenda Cuthbertson, Principal, John Muir Elementary
Tami Beach, Assistant Principal, West Woodland School
Heather Richardson, Principal, Spokane Public Schools
Edward Hollingsworth, Assistant Principal, Spokane Public Schools
Tony Ressa, Principal, Spokane Public Schools
Kara Powell, Principal, Spokane Public Schools
Leanne Russell, Principal Transition, Spokane Public Schools
John Patton, Principal, South Whidbey High School
Kristen Jordan, President, Panther Lake PTO
Elizabeth O'Callahan, President, Springbrook Elementary PTA
Candi Meyer, Co-President, Millennium PTO
Roy Captain, Kirkland Area Vice President, Lake Washington PTSA Council
Shelley Guthrie, Co-President, Wilder PTSA 
Kristie Sayer, PTSA member
Jennifer  Mahan, Co-President, Robert Frost PTSA
Craig Baughnsmith, President, Peter Kirk PTSA
Alexis Christensen, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Briarly Kilburn, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Jennifer  Tarrach, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Monica Wheaton, President, Lynndale Elementary PTA, Lynwood
Allison Clevenger, Co-President, Juanita Elementary PTA, Kirkland
Molly Ely, Co-President, Juanita Elementary PTA, Kirkland
Yvonne Boyd, President, White Bluffs PTO, Richland 
Mary Jo Lindquist, Vice President, White Bluffs PTO, Richland
Dana Rosenbach, Superintendent, North Mason School District
Sheryl Vincent, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Stephanie Lecovin, Community Vice President, Peter Kirk PTSA
Jana Schwarz, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Lisa Payne, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Madeline Shultica, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Saluna Gharib, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Heather Uberti, Member, Peter Kirk PTSA
Cathy Chapman, Representative, Discovery Elementary PTA
Jodi Samm, President, North Beath PTA
Clifford Phillips, President, Stevens Elementary PTG
Lisa Lee, President, Whitman PTO
Tina Moorman, Vice President, Elmhurst PTA
Vickie Pettibone, Treasurer, Brookdale PTA
Elizabeth Morgan, President, Sherwood Parent Staff Organization
Michelle Howell, President, Hilltop Elementary PTSA
Nancy Paine, Member, Mountlake Terrace High School PTA
Laura Staniford, Vice President, Cedarhome Elementary School PTO
Kristen Granroth, President, Stanwood High School 4A Booster Club
Sarah Murphy-Kangas, Co-President, Roosevelt Elementary PTA
Jenae  Whitlock, Treasurer, Bay View PTA 
Terri Beliveau, Member, Kitsap Lake PTA
Rochall Kehm, President, Naval Ave PTA
Katie Sprague, Co-President, View Ridge Elementary, Bremerton PTA
Seaview Elementary PTA, Edmonds
Hilltop Elementary PTA, Lynwood
Ruth Medsker, Principal, West Seattle High School
Julie Salazar, Co-President, Glenridge PTO, Kent
Marcheta Rapp, President, Finch Elementary PTO, Spokane
Tanya Quwtero, Vice President, Cascade Middle School, Parent Boosters, Vancouver

Janet Didsbury, Assistant Principal, Spokane Public Schools
John Swett, Principal, Spokane Public Schools
Suzanne Nerlan, President, Kulshan Middle PTSA
Robert Costello, Co-president, Columbia Parent Association
Rick Simon, President, Kamiak High School PTO