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Parents across Washington helped pass I-1351 because they know lower class sizes are essential for kids at every level. Here is what they have to say about what should happen now:

How many times do we have to tell them? We voted for reasonable class sizes at every level, not just K-3. It’s time for legislators to honor the new law.

—Deeann Partlow, Scott Mayhew, and their sons Miles and Maddox, Seattle Schools

Washington state continues to underfund education at the expense of our children. Increasing class size is another scheme to stretch an already inadequate budget to accommodate costly common core materials and misguided standardized testing instead of prioritizing genuine education and encouraging a lifetime love of learning.

—Alyssa Hoppe, parent, Westgate Elementary, Edmonds

“There is no higher priority than our children’s education, and lowering class sizes is the best thing we can do to improve it. That’s why Washingtonians passed I-1351, and why the legislature needs to follow the law.”

—-Kim Dunham with her children, Olivia and Nash, Indian Trail Elementary, Spokane

It is hard to believe that anyone voting to have 27 children in a classroom has ever visited a school. What kind of environment do you want for your child?

—Anne Goodchild, parent, APP at Lincoln High School, Seattle

“Individual attention is essential for students at all grade levels. I’ve seen it with my son in first grade and my daughter in middle school. That’s why I voted for class-size reduction. That’s why I expect leaders in Olympia to abide by the new law.”

—-Jennifer Little with her son, Joey, Adams Elementary, Spokane

Class sizes are already too large and the kids suffer. They don't get the one on one time they need. If you enlarge class sizes you are failing our kids.

—Jody Le Blanc, parent, Getchell High School, Marysville

“I voted for smaller class sizes because my son and daughter get a lot more out of school with more individual attention from their teachers. Class size doesn’t just matter in the early grades – it matters for all kids. I expect legislators to honor the new law.”

—-Ray Vanlenger with his children, Elizabeth and Elijah, Cooper Elementary, Spokane

As someone who spent 35 years as a teacher and a counselor in public schools, I know FIRST HAND that class size matters, and I believe that there is research to back up that statement. Don't balance the budget on the backs of WA's children!

—Lan Duhaney, grandparent, Nine Mile Falls Elementary, Nine Mile Falls, WA

“The courts said to do the right thing for our schools. The voters said to do the right thing for our schools. Lower class sizes for our children is now the law. It’s time for the legislature to do the right thing and to follow the law.”

—Natalie Chapin with her daughter, Corina, Cooper Elementary, Spokane

We voted to shrink all class sizes K - 12 If our leaders care enough about our children they will find the money to do so.

—Donald D Lamance, parent, Selah High School, Selah

“We voted for lower class sizes in November, and we expect legislators in Olympia to fully implement the new law.”

—Donald Jones and Elizabeth Hood with their daughter Macee, who enters Kindergarten next fall at Dearborn Park International School, Seattle

Each and every child in a classroom is a distinct individual with a specific way of learning that only a teacher can understand. Please do not over-burden our teachers; when too many children are under the tutelage of one person, some are sure to be lost. Respect the different needs of our kids and the teachers who make it their duty to serve them. Please don't increase class sizes.

—Debra Oldham, parent, Grant Street Elementary, Port Townsend

“I want reasonable class sizes for my kids all the way through school. That’s why I support the new class size law.”

—Monica Martinez with her son Jose Daniel, age 6 and daughter Isabella, age 4, Dearborn Park International School, Seattle

Education of children is important to our whole community. Smaller class sizes equate to better educational outcomes and the people of this state voted to have smaller class sizes. The legislature needs to fund schools to make that possible. Period.

—Leslie Sanders, grandparent, Grant Elementary and Purdy Elementary, Tacoma

“High class sizes are one of the biggest stumbling blocks for all kids who are struggling in school. Implementing I-1351 as the voters intended is the right thing to do.”

—Jamie Gonzalez Downing with her son Jayden and daughter Reagan, kindergarteners at Arthur H. Smith Elementary, Grandview School District

With large class sizes students cannot receive the attention that they need to be successful. Students will be left behind.

—Sara Corder, parent, Orting Primary School, Orting

“When we passed I-1351, we were serious about lowering class sizes for kids at every grade level. It’s time for the legislature to get serious, too.”

—Chalu Harris-Adams, with her son, Steven, a 7th grader at Morris E. Ford Middle School, Franklin Pierce School District

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