Small classes for only 20% of kids? We can pay for all!

July 16, 2015

Our politicians want you to believe that we can only afford smaller classes for 20 percent of our public school students. This is simply not true. The solution? A fair revenue plan.

Did you know that 10,000 Washington families earn over $1.2 million each year? You heard it correctly: the top one percent earns over 20 percent of income in the state!

At the same time, because we have the most backward tax system in the nation, low-income families pay more than their fair share in taxes - about six times as much in proportion to their incomes as the wealthiest families.

We can fix this. A 5 percent tax applied to income above $500,000 earned by the top one percent would fully fund class-size reductions for all Washington students.

By state law, smaller classes are by now part of every child's constitutional right to a basic education. The state can meet its duty to students with new, fair revenues that ensure the wealthiest Washingtonians are paying their fair share.

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