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You may have seen the Associated Press report on April 7:

SEATTLE — A new statewide poll indicates voters are not likely to OK a legislative plan to only shrink class sizes in kindergarten through third grade, instead of following the requirements of Initiative 1351.

Last November, voters approved the initiative calling on the Legislature to shrink public school class sizes in every grade.

Lawmakers have not been able to find the estimated $2 billion to make that happen, so they want to send the idea back to voters for refinement.

The Elway Poll interviewed more than 500 voters last week and found 53 percent think the Legislature should find a way to reduce class sizes in all grades. Just 36 percent approved of only shrinking classes in kindergarten through third grade.

The state Senate has passed a measure to modify Initiative 1351 by only shrinking classes in kindergarten through third grade and sending that modification back to voters for approval.

In this news climate, with public pressure building, your voice will have more influence than ever. Now is the time to click and send a message to key leaders in the House of Representatives. Tell them that you oppose HB 2222, a measure similar to the bill passed in the Senate that would gut Initiative 1351.

Here are the links:

Reuven Carlyle, House Finance Committee Chair: 

Ross Hunter, House Appropriations Committee Chair: 

Pat Sullivan, House Majority Leader: 

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